Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Poem


You lay bathed in
soft golden light 
cotton sheet carelessly curled
mauve flowers clinging around your legs
your milky skin glowing
the curves lit 
right hand outstretched
cupping the humid air
your breath like soft purrs of a cat
so content and happy
not bothered by
the click of the shutter
my eyes rest on your torso
drinking the glow
like our love as pure as a new spring leaf

July 05 2013



I long for your tenderness under my feet
your sweltering heat
your full monsoon
your red earth so rich in pigment
your nights of full moon
under the jasmine 
as I stand beneath the catalpa -

it is winter here
the tree is bare
mossy black bark
lean, dry branches like veins on grandma's hands
long, thin pods with all tiny seeds spent
falling softly onto the grass
I see limbs, headless torsos 

soon, spring it will be
I will only see
the lush green on the sprouting leaves
softness in the flowers
and the tree once again beaming with life
I look up
and see the oak titmouse
peeping through her nest
as though to assure.

March 29, 2013