Sunday, May 23, 2010

No title


She lets a yawn
to wake her soul.
it had been damp
all night. monsoon.
she shakes her long body
to rid of layers of old skin
still clinging.
she doesn’t sleep, she can’t
when the thought of those five men
demanding to conquer her night after night after night.
blood trickles from her womb
how can she identify the father of her child?
too many seeds (were sown).
she shakes herself from old dreams.
her hair hasn’t felt the warmth of the blood.
she comes out of the forest,
her body trembles in the morning breeze
there is one thing that she can’t divest
her forsaken love for Karnan.


Mother decided a name
even before you were born.
astrological calculations predicted
that you’d be strong and rebellious.
mother had unusual spasms
before that night.
she couldn’t bear the weight
of her womb anymore.
he wanted to come out rather soon and
father was reading the story of Karnan
by the glistening hurricane lamp.
outside world was cold and wet,
the rains were heavy this time.
mosquitoes were buzzing nonstop
so they had the neem smoke swirling
mother was in bliss
this was going to be her unforgettable child
who wouldn't be hers and 
would teach her how to fight.