Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Eucalyptus bark and leaves

During a walk around the lake merrit I found fallen bark of a huge eucalyptus tree. I was delighted and collected the long, flexible bark. I carried them the way the women carry firewood back home in Sri Lanka. My friend Morgan was with me and she thought the sight was pretty humorous and regretted not having her camera handy. I gathered a few garments that I wanted to dye with the parts of this unwanted, invasive species. While the dye soup was steaming I remembered a different species of eucalyptus that grew in my school yard by a classroom. The kids called it 'Vicks' tree. The leaves were pale green and its bark was white and papery. Whenever I walked by that tree I would pick a long, slightly curvy leaf, crush it between my fingers and inhale the smell. It felt good. I wonder if the tree is still alive or the brutal war had destroyed it.

Image courtsey: wikipaedia

My cardigan after a good soak in the dye bath of eucalyptus leaves and bark

Eucalyptus dyed silk on the right

Brian's shirt dyed with eucalyptus

My eucalyptus top (with iron mordant)