Thursday, September 06, 2012


Driving to Washington was unforgettable as one sees shades of green, sheep and cattle grazing, occasional sight of meandering rivers,  rest area surrounded by trees and much more. We drove to Washington to see our friends during the labor day week-end. We stayed in Eugene, Ashland, Portland and Bellingham. We ate tons of berries whenever we stopped for a break. They were so sweet and juicy. I harvested curly dock, tansy, alder cones and sumac.
Alder cones
Curly dock
A type of dried thistle
Queen Anne's lace
Dried grass
Color and texture 

A bouquet of tansy

A piece of rusty object I found by the river
On the night in Portland, we went to Meriwether's for dinner. We had kohlrabi soup, vegetable ravioli and a salad. Everything was delicious. The ravioli I ate was the best. The fresh produce come from Meriwether's Skyline Farm. It was a cool night and walking around the buzzling downtown was quite an experience.