Monday, October 22, 2012

Rain / மழை

Rain brings joy when it arrives. The smell of earth, glistening leaves, puddles, drops hanging onto things, watching the endless ripples, pulling the laundry off from the line, reading and drinking hot tea with marie biscuits or vadais are all so heavenly. In the monsoon time it would pour and pour and it was fun to walk in the flood with kids from the neighbor hood. The grown ups would yell not to go in that dirty flood as it would make us get sick. At school there was no one to tell us not to go out, so we would step out as soon as the rain stops and be delightful. We made paper boats and set them to sail. We asked the rain to go away and the sun to come back when we got bored.

Listening to rain fall on the rooftop is something I enjoy, specially at night. It makes one happy, a little lonely perhaps and there's a deep quietness despite the gentle sound of the rain. 

California rain: