Tuesday, December 04, 2012


A delicious treat from the Friday farmers' market

A pom tree with species (google image)

Colorful pomegranates - Uzbek embroidery
And this suzani is beautiful. There were two varieties of pomegranate trees in the front and back yard of my ancestral home. My father would tie brown paper or small plastic bags around the fruit when they begin to appear, so that the squirrels wouldn't eat them. But I had no patience for them to ripe. So after I came home from school or during a lazy week-end when the elders took their nap I would lift the bags one after the other, peep inside and take a bite to see the red juicy beads. I was lucky some times and at times the tree would disappoint me. After some time the trees didn't give good fruit but immature ones with black patches. We could not figure out the disease. Then came the war that made us to abandon the trees with everything else. When I saw pomegranates at the farmers' markets for the first time - I was so delighted - I can get something that reminds me of home.