Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paint & Print

I went to the Print & Paint workshop on Sunday, hosted by Judi Pettite who is an amazing artist, pigment specialist, educator and curator. Judi has been researching about plants and natural pigments and incorporates earth pigments in her work. We worked with indigo, black walnut, madder, and logwood.  In the workshop we touched a little bit about the history of the pigments/dyes. Judi explained the process of making pigments and preparing them to paint/draw. Then we moved on to prepare paint and ink from the dried pigments for drawing and printing. Below are some images of the workshop:

Indigo is being prepared
Jessica trying to make paint 
Learners watching Judi 
Ink ready to be used

Judi's color chart of bio hues 
The print I made with walnut ink
Printed with indigo