Tuesday, September 03, 2013


It's unbelievable that the colder and chillier months are around the corner. And the rains will be arriving soon. The summer is ending. The big catalpa tree in the backyard is shedding its leaves that are lime green with yellow traces. Grass is drying up on the hills. Seed pods  on those plants that I see on my walks are no longer green. Berries are all gone. But there are a few hidden in the bushes and the birds are the ones to find the last little juicy gems of summer. We go to the river nearby and choose to walk on the trail covered by canopy of trees and the dry leaves crunching under our feet, spotting familiar birds, and relishing the golden sun weaving through the trees. We go to the woods stopping to smell the leaves, flowers, bark while inhaling the cleanest air. Soon the rains will arrive and we will retreat inside.