Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012

The month is gone

Leaf peeping is one of the things I started doing

Helped an awesome friend to cook for an event

Dyed fibers with natural dyes

Sky gazing through the kitchen window

Made meyer lemon almond cake 

Bought a bottle of flax seed oil

Ate gazillions of tomatoes and berries

Joan Didion's Blue Nights (very depressing to read)

Watched Delhi 6

Ate lots of stone fruits

Finished a sketchbook 

I enjoy reading Angela's posts

This pinterest 

This astrological prediction is crazy!!!

Sent snail mails with little packages 

Discovered Czeslaw Milosz

Started reading American Craft Magazine and Pure Green

Made YES to Prop 37 signs and took photos with friends for SAAPISA