Thursday, September 27, 2012


Juicy, sweet heirloom tomatoes. My mom used to make tomato jam from scratch using pink roman tomatoes. We bought the bread from a near by bakery owned by a Sinhalese man who gave free cup cakes if he knew it was a kid's birthday. It was always white loaf but freshly baked, soft and warm. It was not like the balloon bread that people eat here. We ate that bread for breakfast, dinner (when we didn't feel like having a big dinner or my mom was sick) and also had it with afternoon tea as well. Anchor butter was the only butter available in the market. We would buy a stick and let it sit in water to keep it cool as we didn't have a fridge. Back to the jam, we would spread generous amount of butter and jam on sliced bread, then press the slices together and eat it. 

Very sweet cherry tomatoes

In a few weeks the weather will change into a cold one and we won't be eating these tasty, flavorful organic tomatoes. It's shocking to find the difference between store bought tomatoes and the ones grown locally. My favorite ones are heirloom tomatoes. I like to make salsa and add slices on pizza.