Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Hat

There she was, this young girl on College Avenue. She was very friendly and advocating for plant justice. She wanted my hat. The hat had been with me for a few months. The wide brim protects one's face from getting exposed to sun. I wore this hat in Rebecca's indigo field when we helped her to harvest. 

I said it's hers. 'For real?' she inquired. I nodded, and told her that she needs to stitch the string. We were both happy, the receiver and the giver. I finished my errands and walked back the same way and she was sitting on the pavement and looking at her binder. She asked me what was I up to for the day.  I told her that I went to a Yoga class, had lunch and wanted to take a nap. But it was so beautiful and warm out so I decided to go out to show off my hat. She laughed. I asked if I could take a picture of her. She posed elegantly. She's a beautiful girl with such liveliness and openness. I'm glad that she's the new owner of that hat which had the privilege to be in the indigo field. But the door knob would be missing it for a while until it gets a new one.